My poem to be featured in a short film

September 14, 2017

a poet writes, never knowing if the seeds of her words will blossom into flowers

In 2013, I wrote a poem called, Tree of Life, inspired by the Gustav Klimt painting of the same name. In 2014, the poem was published in my first poetry collection, Death and Life.

And then the first bud appeared in Spring

In 2016, I was approached by a NY Filmmaker who sought permission to use my poem, Tree of Life, in the trailer for a short film called The Avant Gardener. I said yes, of course!

I have recently seen the trailer and it is jaw-droopingly beautiful, I gotta tell you.  Anyways, the trailer is due to hit the Film Festival Circuit in the next few months and I will keep you posted and share the video here when it is released. In the meantime, here is the poem.



fortifies the roots on which we stand 

blows through the branches of our existence

infuses crimson experience with autumn hues.


dismantles Winter's brittle leaves

ushers Spring into our fertile environments

where the seeds of evolution burst from their pod cocoons

and teardrop buds blossom into Summer flowers


releases its redolent scent;

attracting the buzz of honey bees

and the adoration of discerning butterflies


breathes new life

into the Tree of Life. 

© 2014-2017 Bianca Bowers (Death and Life, 2014)

summer is on its way

Until next time, it’s over and out from a very satisfied writer!

Bianca xo
More about biancabowers

Bianca Bowers is the author of three poetry books: Love Is A Song She Sang From A Cage (2017), Passage (2015), and Death and Life (2014). She holds a BA in English and Film/TV/Media Studies and her poetry has appeared in Shot Glass Journal, Tongue In Your Ear, and The Art Toppling Tobacco Project. In 2017, her poem, Tree of Life, was featured in the trailer for a short-film called The Avant-Gardener. Bianca is currently fine-tuning 2 Poetry books and seeking homes for her novels, Cape of Storms (Literary Fiction), and Lawn Chairs (Womens Fiction). You can find her at and

    1. This is so exciting Bianca! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with the world! And I’ve never seen that painting before and now I’m in love!

      1. I fell in love with Klimt when I was 16, and his paintings adorn just about every wall of my house. You should have a look, he is fabulous!
        Thank you xo

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