Love Is A Song She Sang From A Cage

  Dear Readers, A revised version of my poetry book, Love Is A Song She Sang From A Cage, is now available as an Ebook on all platforms. If anyone is interested in reviewing this book, please contact me for a free review copy at: contact [at] biancabowers [dot] [com] Thanks for supporting my work, and please enjoy the samples below...   CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM AMAZON   DISTANCE The distance grows impossibly I cannot communicate in monosyllables anymore I…

Free Poetry Book: Pressed Flowers

Dear Readers, I am writing to let you know about my free poetry ebook, Pressed Flowers. This book is the result of my decision to retire 2 of my 3 poetry books (Death and Life / Love Is A Song She Sang From A Cage) earlier in the year. Pressed Flowers contains 43 of my favourite poems from all 3 of my poetry books, and I'm offering it to existing and new subscribers for free. [caption id="attachment_1487" align="aligncenter" width="603"] Subscribe…



I have wrestled with the concept of belonging for many years. Since leaving my South African home at age 23, I have been singled out as not belonging. In NZ, in the UK, and now Australia. And I guess it bothered me enough to write about it endlessly and withdraw into myself on enough occasions. Then, a few years ago, I met up with a journalist who was writing about her own explorations into belonging. We drank our herbal teas…