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A few happy coincidences

One coincidence So, I lost 3 years of content a little while back (you can read that here) and didn't have the time to fish through my external drive  and repost the worthwhile archives. But, with my second novel nearing completion I have been curious to look back over my writing journey and see how I've come. Some posts do make for interesting reading (for me at least), because my progress is undeniable, and I've decided to select a number…


Archive: Writing Dream or Profession?

First Posted on October 28, 2014 by BGBOWERS [caption id="attachment_1694" align="alignnone" width="290"] The statue of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky outside Brisbane Planetarium © 2014 B.G. Bowers[/caption] Are you gazing at a writing dream or fostering a writing career? That is today’s question… If you’d asked me this question 17 months ago, when I started this blog and began my creative writing journey in earnest, I would have answered “a bit of both”. On the one hand, I believed that hard work and…