3 F’s for Writers

This is one of several Archive posts after losing 3 years of content a little while back (you can read that here). Are you complicating your writing life? If you... Treat writing like a hobby, Spend more time on social media than writing, Have more WIPs than completed Manuscripts, and Focus on publishing versus building a portfolio.. Then you might want to simplify your writing life by incorporating the 3 Fs into your writing philosophy. 1. FOCUS The first step…


Archive: Writing Dream or Profession?

First Posted on October 28, 2014 by BGBOWERS [caption id="attachment_1694" align="alignnone" width="290"] The statue of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky outside Brisbane Planetarium © 2014 B.G. Bowers[/caption] Are you gazing at a writing dream or fostering a writing career? That is today’s question… If you’d asked me this question 17 months ago, when I started this blog and began my creative writing journey in earnest, I would have answered “a bit of both”. On the one hand, I believed that hard work and…