My poem to be featured in a short film

a poet writes, never knowing if the seeds of her words will blossom into flowers In 2013, I wrote a poem called, Tree of Life, inspired by the Gustav Klimt painting of the same name. In 2014, the poem was published in my first poetry collection, Death and Life. And then the first bud appeared in Spring In 2016, I was approached by a NY Filmmaker who sought permission to use my poem, Tree of Life, in the trailer for…


I had a dream that women rose from the sea

[caption id="attachment_1537" align="alignnone" width="550"] Floating Giants, by Christian Schloe[/caption]   Art: Christian Schloe Poem: Bianca Bowers … … … I had a dream  That women rose from the sea like Winged Neptunes And the men on the beach cast their eyes to the watercolour sky  to behold the floating giants  --••-- And for the first time in centuries  Men saw women as something other than just shells; Buried beneath sand, Delicate enough to be crushed, Pretty little ornaments to place…


Whale Procession

  WHALE PROCESSION I drowned in squid ink landed on the ocean floor Clouds of sand engulfed me like the jaws of a great white An army of jellyfish  passed overhead- a beautiful funeral procession ~~••~~ Once death settled  my essence hovered-a reluctant apparition I felt the starfish twitch beneath me Spied sea dragons rocking to and fro in the current ~~••~~ A school of parrot fish swam past and a sea urchin opened its door  ~~••~~ Then, Silence as…