#lobby4love is a movement that teaches people to approach life (and self) from a place of Love versus fear.


My 2017 resolution was to take action against my negative internal dialogue by keeping a daily thought journal. The first thing I noticed was an increase in self-awareness, and, as the days went on, I found myself thinking less negative thoughts and writing less in my journal. About a week in, I decided to read back what I’d written. It shocked me so much that I wrote this poem:

There are demons in my head

but I have only just seen their faces

on the page

My own words, reserved for self,

staring back with 

seasoned hatred, with

jagged cruelty

They say things  

I wouldn’t even utter 

to enemies

So, why then

is it acceptable to treat 


this way?

That moment of realisation left me in no doubt that I had been sharing space with an internal assassin for too long, and I wanted to do more and perhaps help others in the process. A week later, I created the hashtag, #lobby4love,  and started writing daily quotes that inspired people to choose love over fear.

what does love vs fear mean?

Life accumulated often involves negative experience accumulated. The result of which is a human armed with defences and immobilised by fear. Consider this:


Fear is supposed to be a survival mechanism.  An internal alarm designed to protect us in life-and-death situations. You could say that fear in its purest form is organic.
But, somewhere along the hike from infancy to adulthood, fear fractures and becomes an instrument in our conditioning. Fractured fear is inorganic – GMO even. Unlike its organic roots, fractured fear makes us prisoners of our own minds, and has a long list of side-effects. For instance:

  • Fractured fear makes us doubt ourselves
  • It makes us worry about (and keep up) appearances
  • It makes us defensive, mistrustful, cynical and angry
  • But, worst of all, fractured fear ultimately distances us from LOVE.

And LOVE, like its fear counterpart, is organic in its purest form. 🌱

And it is this organic love (and fear) that we should strive to preserve! Because if we allow ourselves to grow inorganically, then we will ultimately suffer in the long run from unwanted side-effects, and live a life full of toxicity.

Fear, in essence, dissuades you from empowering your authentic self.


For example, fear will say, “Don’t follow your dreams, because it’s fanciful / it won’t pay the bills / you’re too old…” etc

Fear is hell bent on disrupting your authentic path and self. It raises obstacles instead of finding solutions.



In the end, it wasn’t love that broke us. It was fear. Fear of loss. Fear of being inferior. Fear of scarcity. But surrendering to love was the antithesis of our fears. Love gave us courage to face the uncomfortable truth that love was not something to be feared, but confronted. Only when we stopped trying to control, and allowed things to run their natural course and reach their natural conclusion, did we all gain peace. And love, in the end, was good for all of us. It didn’t ruin us, only made us stronger. In the end, it was time and timing that we had to negotiate and come to terms with. Not love.

Change your perspective, change your life.

Changing your perspective is not an overnight phenomenon. In many cases people are unaware that their perspective is fear-based. Understanding and changing your perspective is a journey that requires daily practice and perseverance. And that’s where #lobby4love comes in…What better way to start your own journey than to learn from somebody else’s? I noticed a difference in my internal dialogue within the first several days, and 70 days on the benefits are undeniable.

I am essentially re-training my brain to view life/people/situations from a different (more loving/forgiving and less judgemental) perspective. And you can too.


Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and #lobby4love

To Lobby is to take action. In writer-speak the word ‘lobby’ is a verb (active language). And action is what we need more of. Collective Action vs collective apathy. Verbs vs Passive Language. If we #lobby4love collectively, we gather collective power and momentum to rewrite history and initiate sustainable changes for the future wellbeing of our planet.



If these messages, thoughts, posts, quotes make a positive difference to your day, and gradually help to change your perspective, then please reach out to me and tell me all about it! You can find me here on my blog, or InstagramTwitterFacebook Author Page.