Very Short Story




An ache requires endurance. Stamina. A mind-marathon that may or may not result in implosion. My internal landscape ached for a decade before my body finally tried to self-destruct.  But the darkness wasn’t dark enough for me, and the light was too bright.  Still, before they returned my restless spirit back to its aching body, they did so with the promise that relief too required endurance, the benefit of which was wings.



I have wrestled with the concept of belonging for many years. Since leaving my South African home at age 23, I have been singled out as not belonging. In NZ, in the UK, and now Australia. And I guess it bothered me enough to write about it endlessly and withdraw into myself on enough occasions. Then, a few years ago, I met up with a journalist who was writing about her own explorations into belonging. We drank our herbal teas…


'Tell me about rainbows,' she said.  'The sky is happy,' I said.  'Was it sad before?' she said. 'Perhaps. The rain can do that you know? Flood your roots. Destabilise you momentarily. But no matter how angry the storm, and soft our sadness, the rainbow is a universal promise that every raindrop has a reason, and the light is never out of reach.' ~ Bianca Bowers Photograph and Words © 2017 Bianca Bowers