MA in Creative Writing

Hello friends, If I looked pleased with myself, it's because I am. I have been accepted to UQ (University of Queensland) to study an MA in Creative Writing!!!! I still have no idea how I'm going to pay for it, as I'm not eligible for a student loan, BUT I will find a way, because I've been accepted into an MA y'all!! I haven't been this excited about something for a long time, and I am so so ready to…


Interview in We Art Friends

Hello friends, I was recently interviewed by We Art Friends - a new online magazine that supports the creative community. My interview and four unpublished poems appear in the Nov/Dec Issue. The above graphic is a teaser for what you find in the interview. If you're interested in reading it, visit the link and subscribe to get a free copy. If I don't speak to you before, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas break. Speak to you soon,…


Love Is A Song She Sang From A Cage

  Dear Readers, A revised version of my poetry book, Love Is A Song She Sang From A Cage, is now available as an Ebook on all platforms. If anyone is interested in reviewing this book, please contact me for a free review copy at: contact [at] biancabowers [dot] [com] Thanks for supporting my work, and please enjoy the samples below...   CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM AMAZON   DISTANCE The distance grows impossibly I cannot communicate in monosyllables anymore I…