Body Love vs Body Shame

[caption id="attachment_1549" align="alignleft" width="225"] ©️2017 Bianca Bowers[/caption] Why is the city of angels so hellbent on destroying its female population? ~ Hank Moody, Californication (Pilot, Season 1). At its most basic, Hank's comment is a reference to how society has distorted the natural beauty of the female form. It's about body image and body shaming. It's a lament about the women who are carving themselves up and redesigning what they see as 'imperfections' because their perception of self has become…


  [gallery size="medium" type="slideshow" ids="1381,1375,1370,1363,1362,1354,1358,1328,1329,1330,1331,1368,1369,1371,1373,1374"] #LOBBY4LOVE #lobby4love is essentially about approaching life (and self) from a place of love as opposed to fear. Life accumulated often involves negative experience accumulated. The result of which is a human armed with defences and a head full of negative internal dialogue. Defensive humans misalign love with weakness, and act out of fear. They also struggle to approach life from a love-vantage because they are burdened by self-loathing. I know this, because I have…