I have wrestled with the concept of belonging for many years. Since leaving my South African home at age 23, I have been singled out as not belonging. In NZ, in the UK, and now Australia. And I guess it bothered me enough to write about it endlessly and withdraw into myself on enough occasions. Then, a few years ago, I met up with a journalist who was writing about her own explorations into belonging. We drank our herbal teas…

6 Steps to Personal Peace

My personal peace underwent great upheaval during 2016, but I did harvest some wisdom during the tempests. During times of intense emotion, think of yourself as a shaken snow globe. While you wait for the snow to settle... ~ Give your emotions a voice by writing them down instead of expressing them verbally ~ Release your emotions through tears ~ Refrain from decision-making ~ Breathe. Do not battle. Don't second guess yourself. Honour your instincts. Nurture your inner peace by meditating once…