A few happy coincidences

August 18, 2017

One coincidence

So, I lost 3 years of content a little while back (you can read that here) and didn’t have the time to fish through my external drive  and repost the worthwhile archives. But, with my second novel nearing completion I have been curious to look back over my writing journey and see how I’ve come.

Some posts do make for interesting reading (for me at least), because my progress is undeniable, and I’ve decided to select a number of relevant writing journey posts and repost them over the coming weeks.

two coincidence

Back to today, or Yesterday rather, when I woke up and thought to renew my QWC (Queenland Writers Centre) Membership.

(I did a creative writing course with QWC a few years ago when I was trying to complete the first draft of my first novel. I was also hoping to apply to the QWC/Hatchette MS Development Program. Alas, I didn’t finish it in time. )

Anyway, while I’ve been busy finishing my first novel and writing the second I let my membership lapse and forgot all about the Hatchette Program. So, when I woke up with it on my mind, I wasted no time in renewing my membership.

three coincidence

Once logged into my account, the following message popped up on the screen:




Coincidence? I thought to myself…

Because it just so happens that my second novel is close to completion, and ready for such an adventure. So I got my A into G, hammered out a 1-page Synopsis and submitted my application today. It may or may not be a long shot, but it seemed like kismet to me. So, whatever happens, I’m just super excited to finally be in the position to have not 1, but 2 novels out on submission.

A few happy coincidences make for a happy writer 🙂

Bianca x
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Bianca Bowers is the author of three poetry books: Love Is A Song She Sang From A Cage (2017), Passage (2015), and Death and Life (2014). She holds a BA in English and Film/TV/Media Studies and her poetry has appeared in Shot Glass Journal, Tongue In Your Ear, and The Art Toppling Tobacco Project. In 2017, her poem, Tree of Life, was featured in the trailer for a short-film called The Avant-Gardener. Bianca is currently fine-tuning 2 Poetry books and seeking homes for her novels, Cape of Storms (Literary Fiction), and Lawn Chairs (Womens Fiction). You can find her at www.biancabowers.com and www.lobby4love.org

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